The gold standard for spraybooth technology & quality


With Almost 40 years of experience, located in Arezzo, Italy, Nova Verta International is a world leader in manufacturing spray-painting equipment with downdraft technology since 1968.

The Spraybooth

Nova Verta have continued to improve and implement best practice manufacturing with various developments in work cycles that led to the new automatic industry leading manufacturing line, which consists of a cutting line, latest generation numerically controlled punching machines and robotized bending machines that create the highest quality spraybooth.

The Technology

As paint technology has evolved, so have the techniques and equipment requirements. With the emergence of waterborne paint technology, Nova Verta now offer their patented Wind System to increase drying efficiency by supplying an additional air-flow from under the lights of the spraybooth cabin.  This turbulent air increases flash off and curing time by up to 60%

The Service

ABE has a strong relationship with Nova Verta that fits with our business model of supplying quality global equipment into the New Zealand marketplace. Our experienced sales team can help create a solution that fits your needs and available space,  and we take care of the entire project management process too – from design & layout, to installation & commissioning, right through to compliance & maintenance.

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